Rainbow Crocheted Playground / Colorful rainbow crocheted playground Nylon fireproof indoor playgrounds for kids
Colorful rainbow crocheted playground Nylon fireproof indoor playgrounds for kids
Colorful rainbow crocheted playground Nylon fireproof indoor playgrounds for kids
Colorful rainbow crocheted playground Nylon fireproof indoor playgrounds for kids
Colorful rainbow crocheted playground Nylon fireproof indoor playgrounds for kids
Colorful rainbow crocheted playground Nylon fireproof indoor playgrounds for kids

Colorful rainbow crocheted playground Nylon fireproof indoor playgrounds for kids

Happy Zone custom design nice, comfortable, fun and safe soft play grounds for worldwide children of all ages

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High-end customized indoor amusement park


Nowadays, family entertainment is becoming increasingly important for families. And, every family is looking for a safe and fun indoor or outdoor playground for kids. However, choosing safe and fun play equipment will be the first thing. Whether you are looking for a home or commercial indoor playground equipment, you can find what you need from the equipment list provided by those suppliers.

As an international play company in China, HAPPY ZONE Playground can offer everything kids and parents want!  Safe, fun, and custom soft play equipment are all available here, and the equipment is still at a reasonable price! We provide the best commercial indoor equipment for sale to owners.

What we have for you?

A turn-key solution: HAPPY ZONE Playground provides a turn-key solution for the commercial indoor playground. If you want to run an indoor playground business, then, you can choose a turn-key model to reduce the cost of your indoor playground.

Custom design: Definitely, the safe environment and interesting game experience are the most important factors that our designers consider. Even more, our designers can provide you with specialized indoor playground plans based on your area size and budget. Exactly, we can not only provide the custom indoor playground structure for business owners but also can provide fun soft play customized for your playground. For example, we have special toddler indoor play equipment for the little child. So, they can have lots of fun in such a soft play playground.

High quality: Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, creative and reasonably priced commercial indoor playground equipment that bring joy and value to every child and parent. We utilize superior material to manufacture the play equipment for kids to have lasting fun.

Reasonable price: Usually, the cost may vary because of the playground equipment sizes. We offer you different custom design with a corresponding price. For example, the total cost of an infant play area will be different from a complete adventure playground with ramps, tubes, and slides.

Risk assessment: If you don’t know how to run an indoor playground and how big the investment risk of your playground business will be. We suggest you fill in our risk assessment questionnaire.

What kids can get from the indoor playground equipment?

Studies have shown that playground equipment can exercise physical coordination, improve communication and study skills while enhancing self-confidence. Except for this, you can still get other benefits from our play equipment:

Fun and thrill: Kids can release their imagination with our bright, attractive, colorful equipment. Also, our design is based on how children play, as well as how they develop, so, children can improve their creativity and social interaction while playing in our indoor playground.

Inclusive and active: With our customized indoor play equipment, children of all ages and abilities will have their own fun safely. Kids need active play! Our indoor playground equipment can create fun and innovative activities for the kids.

Huge integrated indoor playground centers with multiple thrill slides and crocheted net play park for shopping mall playground 

Product Features

Model No. HZPL0155

Measurements (cm): 100sqm

Player Age Range: 3-12 years old

Capacity: 300-450

Theme: nature exploring

Play Events: snake tube slide, thrill slide, crocheted net playground, spider net tower, ocean ball pool

Happy Zone custom design nice, comfortable, fun and safe soft play grounds for worldwide children of all ages.

Main Materials for Soft Play Structure

1. Slides/ Tunnels/ Terminals: LLDPE/ fiberglass/ stainless steel

2. Metal Frame: Hot-galvanized steel pipe

3. Soft Parts: Plywood, EPE foam, PVC, PU leather, PVC fabric

4. Floor mats: EVA foam mat/ pvc mat

5. Clamps/ Connectors: Cast Iron / Aluminum

6. Safety net and enclosure: Nylon net, fabric


Happy Zone Indoor Playground Materials Advantages

  We Use

  Others Use

1.5mm-3.2mm thickness pipe

  1.0-1.5mm thickness pipe

 flame retardant PVC fabric/PU leather

  no flame retardant pvc/ pu

1000D pvc fabric for soft parts

 500D pvc fabric for soft parts

 EU standard high density EVA floor mats

  common EVA mats

 1.5~5.0mm thickness EPE

  1.0~2.0mm thickness EPE

 durable safety net & anti-climb net

  thin low quality safety net

Strong and quality cable tie

 Common thin cable tie

Heavy weight quality ocean ball

 Light weight ocean ball

Aluminum Alloy / Steel foot base

 No foot base/ plastic foot base

Basic Indoor Play Area Custom Design Information Request

1. CAD floor plan / clear hand drawing for play area

2. Ceiling height / max height for creating the play structure 

3. Expected player age and capacity

4. Entry and exit of play area, fire engine access

5. Existing obstacles and columns in play area

6. Themes preferred /play events preferred

7. Rough budgets for whole playground project

(note: any information that can help our designer better understanding is warmly welcomed for an efficient proposals)

Hot Indoor Play Centers Themes

Please contact our sales representatives for more popular indoor play centers themes that we can do. We also supply indoor trampoline park, ninja course, high and low rope course with sky rail zip line and more.


Installation manuals & oversea installation service for Play Structure.

Happy Zone provides professional and experienced installation engineers for oversea set up your indoor playground project. We also provide step to step guidance of installation pictures, videos and manuals for client who lack of installation budget or less of self installation experience.


Warranty Statement

Happy Zone company warrants its products free from structural failure due to defect in materials or workmanship during normal use and installation in accordance with our published certificate and specifications. If properly used, monitored and well-maintained, they will provide years of fun experience and good incomes for the park owner. Happy Zone also supply full ranges of spare parts and accessories for our client that can order separately for better maintenance of park in future daily operation.


Q: Are you the factory or trading company?
A: Happy Zone Recreation is located in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang of China. Wenzhou is the main production city of China for children playground manufacturing. Welcome to visit our factory at any of your free time. We offer one stop solutions of children commercial playgrounds, from design to transport and installation.


Q:What certificate you have for your products? 
A: we have EN71,CE certificate and EN1176 as well as ASTM testing report issued by SGS, ISO90001 etc.


Q: Could you provide custom design for my play area?
A: yes, we can offer custom design service. You can provide us a clear hand drawing or a professional floor plan in PDF or DWG format, our professional designer will make a proposal for you in 48 hours.


Q: Do you have the project in our country we can have a check?
A: Happy Zone have already many successful playground project around the world, contact us freely for the already done project case close to your home now.


Q: If we purchase your playground, will you help install the playground on our site?
A: Happy zone provide oversea installation service, so no worry about installation of your playground. 
If you wanna control the cost, we could provide easy-understanding installation manuals and videos help 
you install the playground step by step yourself. Contact us for oversea installation cost.